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Retirement Annuity Plan
100% Capital Guaranteed + Lifetime Income

Guaranteed yearly income for life even when market is bad
5th Year Break-Even Guaranteed
With the yearly payouts, you'll have an additional cash flow for your family holidays, kids' education or retirement fund and more
  • 100% Capital Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed yearly income for life
  • High payouts of up 6.35% every year
  • Payout does not decrease your capital
  • Enjoy hassle-free application with no medical check-ups
  • Choice of payment years: Single Premium, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
  • Pay premiums using cash or Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds

Wealth Accumulation Plan
Invest with high start-up bonus (up to 141%) from just $1,000/Month

Take advantage of current COVID-19 market situation and leverage on the returns
Exclusively for the investors that want to fulfil their life's financial goals and into retirement!

How can this plan help you to achieve the goals?

1. Big Ticket Expenses
2. Retirement Planning
3. Child Education Funding
4. Building Your Passive Income
5. Building Your Legacy For Multiple Generations
6. Use Earnings To Pay For Your Insurance Premiums!

  • No Insurance Cost
  • No Withdrawal Charges
  • 100% Invested Allocation
  • Free Unlimited Fund Switch
  • Highly Flexible Investment Plan
  • Protected Against Market Downturn
  • Choice To Stop Investing After Year 3
  • Choice To Withdraw From Year 3 Onwards
  • Access To Accredited Investor (High-Networth) Funds

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